Welcome to my furry porn blog!

In this blog I share my favorite furry art. I used to run a Tumblr-blog by the name furryredfox a loooong time ago, when Tumblr was still the spot for furry porn.

I'm a bi-curious virgin red fox (honestly, I don't even look ugly ffs! Just shy and unlucky with porn-spoiled standards for beauty), who sometimes has a real urge to be used like all foxes should~

If you want to chat, post comments to this blog, show off your artwork or send nudes; e-mail me carl-robert(at)runbox.no. I will respond to every mail I get and publish the mails with responses on the blog if requested! I prefer to do roleplaying over at F-Chat. Here's my F-List profile for that.

The images on this blog are mostly optimized .webp files. I grew tired of the useless 10mb .png files people are serving with their toasters. Here all full-size images are under 1mb in size, and the blog-sized images are under 100kb! I added higher resolution versions for wider viewpoints, might not be true anymore. I have the original files saved, so might compress to .jxl when it matures a bit more.

I do not offer different themes, but instead I omit specifying colors, fonts or font-sizes. That way you can use your browser's settings fully. For a dark mode, it is as easy as defining a default background color and a default font color. Just like it should be!

Click on the images to open direct full-size versions! All sources are linked underneath the images.

A deer schoolgirl fingering herself at class
Who doesn't love the overly sexualized schoolgirl outfit? Sadly kids here could wear their own clothing and didn't have to prance around in mini skirts. Schools would have much better morale if all the hot girls and girly guys would be forced to dress-up sluttily and provide stress-relief services. Maybe in the year 2525...
A feline girl cosplaying a reindeer
Oops, just realized I had a typo I kept copy-pasting and rendering the last ten or so images unviewable! Fixed now, sorry for that! Also I resigned from work yesterday, just got so tired of my coworkers and how useless they are, yet trying to shift blame to me of all people. Hint, I'm the one that actually tries their hardest at work and does more than others. Now have 14 days left till can taste the freedom! And start worrying about my finances. I didn't know that by quitting myself I get 90 days blacklisted from any welfare. Like WTF? I guess I figured out why people keep staying in obnoxious workplaces if get NO MONEY FOR THREE MONTHS! Way to financially blackmail, and of course my boss refused to fire me when I explained this.
Anyway, I like the cosplaying going on here. She looks really pretty. I wouldn't mind riding this reindeer~
A jackal girl riding a male dragon
Who could possibly not be okay with girls topping? If my imaginary girlfriend would want to top in any meaning of the word, I'd be wagging my tail! Doesn't mean I wouldn't like topping either for those who might be remotely interested in that kind of thing with me. Which no one probably is!
Ariannafray pr
A threesome between a horse, lynx and a tiger
Here's a lot going on! Looks like a fun little threesome, though for some reason the horsie looks almost like not enjoying it. Oh well, the girls certainly are having fun at least! And yup, been again too busy to look at any art. It's kinda funny how fast time goes by when not having work, but while working it just crawls along.
An intersex cat getting measured up
I'll volunteer to measure up her juicy cock~ With my hands! And possibly if they aren't enough, the rest with my mouth. She must really be a dangerous criminal to have her gagged and balls locked up. Wonder if she'll end up as someone's prison bitch or having her way with someone. I guess I'll volunteer for that as well!
A canine girl showing off her naked body on a bed
Pale girls and dark makeup mixes so well together! One reason why I adore skinny alternative/punky girls. I had a crush on one when I was young, even got my first and only makeover by her~ Just mascara and stuff, but felt real pretty... until my brother made me wash it all off!
A vixen being dominated by a hyena girl
Gosh! Dominatrix girls are so hot, I would love to be on the vixen's position! Not against watching cute girls playing around either. Too bad there isn't a more action filled shot to accompany this.
A wolf dick leaving a mess on a tight vixen pussy
Had to share this one as well! So yummy, I wouldn't mind being put to cleaning duty~ I'd bet that pussy would be gaped or something in real life after taking up a huge cock like that. Still, this makes probably a better piece of art. Also apologies for taking so long to post again, life being hectic.
A wolf dick about to enter a tight vixen pussy
A close-up for a change. That animalistic wolf cock looks way too big for such little vixen bottom! Gosh, she's probably going to be very loud if he forces that in and gets to thrusting~ I wouldn't mind watching her expressions change, should be real cute!
A Pokemon girl getting bathed
Someone doesn't look like being into getting bathed. Nice pair of tits on them both! Heck, medium sized breasts rarely look bad, no matter what shape they come with. Only bigger ones start to droop too much... at least in porn! I'm not a tit-connoisseur when it comes to real flesh and blood regular girls~ What I do know is that I wouldn't mind being bathed or bathing a hot girl!
A tigress picking up a tennis ball
Like every horny teenage boy, I've also stared at women's tennis on TV hoping for a similar view. Finally I'm rewarded! Women's sports would get skyrocketed views if the contestants would wear skimpy and slutty outfits and by banning "ugly" athletes. Yes yes, how misogynist of me, but there's a reason why I love watching amateur-ish small competitions and not big international competitions. There should be a cuteness compensation at least to level the playing field. There are plenty of cute athletes who can still compete on a reasonable level even if not close to breaking any records.
An intersex snow leopard posing in a magazine
Yoga poses which increase sexual ejaculation?! Why haven't I heard of this before? I should try them out~ Going off on a tangent, why tablets aren't a thing anymore? Only expensive models on sale. I tried to shop for one to use in the shower to provide... err...entertainment for sub 100$, but didn't find any.
Thevixenmagazine and Castitasnsfw
Two tigresses riding a human
Good job, making two hot girls moan in pleasure at the same time. I'm not sure I could manage it, even with practice. Nice view, it is always so hot to see girls being pleasured.
A dog girl getting fucked on a Halloween party
And now to the main attraction! Happy Halloween! If only I could get invited to a kinky, slutty and obviously filled only with the best looking people, Halloween party. I'd finally get lucky, or just jerk off in the corner~ The art here is nice too. Refreshingly different and looking more realistic than most even if not hyper detailed.
An intersex dragon stripper at work
Nice show! I wouldn't mind having front row seats, even especially if it means getting sprayed by cum~ Shut up and take my money!
A chipmunk girl getting gang-groped
Yes yes, modern guys shouldn't like porn depicting women as piece of meat to grope and fuck. Who cares? I still like this piece of ass! Very fuckable 10/10. If you disagree, feel free to spank me for being such a bad boy or whatever~
Sallyhot and Teamacorn
A vixen strapped with jewellery in the woods
What a precious vixen! Just look at those goods on her, my my~ Someone is gonna fetch a pretty penny if getting caught. Yes, my puns do suck. She's lovely though and traditional art is always nice to see. Stuff this good is rare to find.
A wolf girl laying on a pentagram
I know what satanistic rites I'd perform on her! Looking nice and spooky. No way those breasts are natural though, being that ball-like even while laying on her back. Not that I mind, really! Some implants look very nice, these included. I do prefer small tits though so usually still prefer without implants
A snow leopard girl doing yoga
This type of yoga I really like! Nice and fluffy like most snow leopards. Being playful is one of the best ways to turn guys on, and that little tongue seems to do the trick nicely. Those yogapants do look pretty scandalous even if pulled all the way up. I don't really get what girls wear them, except to flaunt their asses of course.
A dog girl getting fucked on a bed
She looks really cute! Seems someone is enjoying the dicking they're getting~ Highlights like those are real nice and especially if match the fur as well. Lucky guy, whoever he is!
A jackal girl pegging a cat boy
Can't go wrong with pegging~ Hands-free orgasms always look so desirable! Maybe one day I'll get more first hand experience with those. That's a nice big load too, must be really hitting the spot.
A horse boy bound in a train
Yes, I was too busy for a few days to pay attention to this blog. Take this as an apology! I'm not into My Little Pony, but these girly anthro ponies are super cute! And really naughty it seems like~ Smooth and full ballsacks like that look absolutely kissable, just saying~
A redhead rabbit girl flashing her goods
I'm getting big Pippi Longstocking vibes from this. Flat girls can be super cute too! She looks like a natural red, which is always nice to stumble on to. Diversity and all that~
A lutrine girl making a deal for bail
This must be the reason why women get shorter prison sentences than men for the same crimes at least here. Not gonna lie, I'd make the worst judge when it comes to putting pretty girls behind bars. Guys? Who cares!
A deer girl sucking cock and playing videogames
Undoing a girl's bra must be a really hot moment. That position looks plenty fun in either case. I don't get the controller prompt, but not letting that ruin the view for me! That's a pretty huge cock for a little deer like her.
A raccoon dog girl kneeling
I really like that blue hair and tail! I've always had a kink for "alternative" girls, if being all slim and cute and not overweight pin-cushions like most are. Crazy haircolours and -styles can be real cute. She has nice bewbs too, so definitely being blog-material.
A deer boy drinking cum from a bowl
Another very hot picture to imagine myself in~ Yup, you absolutely guessed right which person I want to be~ Chastity and a nice bowl full of cum, and even a vibrating egg stuck inside? What more could a boy ask for? Alright, time for me to catch some sleep before things get too wild out here. Might delete stuff later.
A fox boy getting cum to his both holes
Gosh! I'm twitching in the air just from looking at this~ Eating cum is such a hot thought by itself. I just finished eating pancakes where I did cum in the dough~ For some reason using cum in cooking makes me feel very naughty. Even if I'll get a girlfriend, I wouldn't mind being "forced" to gulp down all of the cum I spurt! Oops, I think I shared too much information. Sorry!
A cheetah girl stretching
I can't lie, seeing girls wearing yogapants or other tights draw my eyes on their plump, round rears~ So what if I'm a pervert? I don't believe everyone wears them just because they are comfortable! And if they don't have eyes on their lovely backsides, no one gets offended. Blah blah add more justification for staring at girls like cheap meat.
A snow leopard girl naked in a snowy forest
Looking cute! Being naked outdoors in the snow is always an exhilarating experience. Something about hot genitals and cold air clashing together. The feeling almost rivals skinny dipping, but more about that later. I wouldn't mind taking her to someplace dry and keep each other all warm and snuggly~
A cat girl showing herself off
I've been playing with the idea of getting a kitty of my own. Spent couple hours on Amazon reading reviews on litter boxes. Seems the Sims self-cleaning litter boxes aren't a thing yet, but there are easier to clean litter boxes at least. After couple more hours of watching cute cat videos on Reddit, I was sold. Time to go see an animal shelter in my area and see if any of the cats take a fancy on me! Except... Why the fuck rescue cats cost freaking three hundred (300) euros to adopt?! That's ridiculous! I am doing them a favour adopting and taking care of one, animal shelters aren't supposed to be for profit organizations. My grandma used to let her cats breed more or less freely and just gave away all the kittens couldn't feed.
Needless to say, I'm still pussy-free.
A fox boy getting spit-roasted on Halloween
The spooky season is here! Of course the one holiday that actually sounds fun isn't popular here in Finland. I'd so love to dress up girly as a joke, but nooooo we can't have that. This fox boy is living the dream though~
A rabbit schoolgirl reaching for the high shelf
That's a mighty fine ass. Slutty skirt and panties can sneakily undo from the sides? What's not to love! I wouldn't mind taking her to a prom, or at least to the bathroom~
Dr. Bubblebum
An intersex canine wanting to be called a good girl
Good girl! I'm feeling sick, my head hurts. And guess what? Of course the next two days are my free days, so don't even get to enjoy calling in sick! Being a wage cuck sucks. Someone sell me a good ponzi scheme or at least a pyramid to climb on. I wanna get rich!
Oh, and that cock looks pretty suckable. Boys make the best girls, at least in furry porn.
Things go wild in the sex-ed class
Sure looks like a fun class! Sex-ed would have been way more interesting, if could have demonstrated in it. That must really be hitting the sweet spot to spurt so much while being locked up. I'd love to give it a go! Especially with cute as fuck girls watching~
A fennec boy bending over in a shower
With an ass like that he better be careful with the soap! Seems there is room for one more underneath that shower. Might need to hunch over and press real close though~ Saving the planet and saving on water is totally worth it!
An intersex mouse with a big dick surprising a lesbian girl
Having a cute little penis never felt so good~ Or well, you know what I mean! R-right?! Also yup, that thing is huge. I wonder if she is going to change her mind about preferring cute little things after this?
Jay Naylor
A pink vixen posing on a magazine cover
And here we have something pink! Just realized this is my 100th blog post! So yay for that! Hopefully that means I've got at least enough content for one night's reading. 'Cause that's what this is about right? Reading!
Thevixenmagazine and Valkoinen
A fantasy vixen showing off her goods
I really like her artstyle. The characters are always sexy and realistic. I wouldn't mind rubbing that kitten~ Black hair and dark makeup go well together, sometimes even better than pink and blond.
A dog girl presenting her rear on a beach
Some more beach stuff, even though it is out of season already. Why does time move so fast after school? Work has been extra annoying lately and have to train new people as well. Too bad can't retire yet, as it seems the market is stabilizing and no more rocketship to owning a house.
A fox boy gets switcher-roo'd
Let's have a show of hands, who wouldn't be okay with this? I'd prefer to keep those melons to a more manageable size, but shrinking in size downbelow and made to wear slutty and girly garments surely would be worth it! Or at least I think it would be worth it, since have no real experience on this stuff either. Definitely one of my biggest kinks however.
A magical distraction takes place
Yup, stuff likes this should be possible in video-games! How many times you need just a couple more coins to buy something, and there simply is no way could earn a teensy weensy discount? Or having to distract guards, but can't sacrifice a fetching companion to take one for the team? Like the world could end if not finishing this mission, but still the only way forward is to find a missing heirloom to convince a guard to look away. Anyway, rant is over now, let's focus on that absolutely eatable pussy on display.
A deer girl stripping in a forest
I really like the painting-esque art here. Forests like this are the best, and luckily we have plenty of them around in Finland. I wouldn't mind taking that cutie to a secluded cabin in a forest and re-enact this scene~
A dog girl doing some shopping Said dog girl enjoys what she bought
Seeing hot cuties like her buy stuff from a pet store across my workplace had made me fantasize about similar stuff happening. Why go to a sex store and pay the premium, when bitch-wear comes in all styles and sizes in a pet store? Her outfit suggested she'd be down for dogging, so why the surprised face? Yeah, yeah I know judging by the outfit is dumb and the whole "she was asking for it" -bit is bullshit.
An intersex vixen pouring water on her hard-on
Some different artstyle for a change again. Doesn't look too bad, pretty fluffy and pettable! I know what I'd be petting if got the chance~ Those are some massive balls too.
Couple fox boys having sex
Collars are cute, can't deny that. Seems the blue one is being a very good boy, keeping his hands on the railing while getting railed, instead of trying to jerk off. Not sure I could manage that, unless know for certain going to get taken care of one way or another after.
An intersex hyena twitching
Gosh, look at that juicy, twitching cock! Heck, I'd be down on my knees trying to catch that strand of pre in under three seconds. I'm not into smoking at all though, but I guess I won't notice that except after the fact.
A dog girl bathing
Bubblebaths look always so fun~ Haven't had one in about twenty years though! Heck, when I can buy a house of my own, I'll make sure to have a bathtub and a shower! She's pretty bold one, having her dildo there for all to see.
Couple naked vixens cuddling on bed
Looking cute. Seems the cuties are quite into each other~ I like these "clearly looking at the viewer" type of things, like they are putting on a show just for me.
A lynx boy fucking a wolf girl against a bed
Back to the regular pr0n! She's pretty hot, but I have my doubts if it is even possible to fuck like this. I mean, he's holding one of her legs while she leans at the bed, but how do you thrust back and forth without dropping the *ahem* bitch? Or maybe I'm just not strong enough to understand how this position works!
Juliashandor and Len4ik555
A furry couple looking at a fantasy world
Some regular art for a change. I like it when artists use known animals in a completely different way. Maybe in some alternative universe these things actually fly? Yup, I tried to circumvent the fact I just forgot what they were called in English! "Rausku", if you speak Finnish.
Koda Walker
A fox girl running without clothes
Seems she got her clothes stolen! I haven't played any Sly games, but might need to pick something up after this. Love that collar too!
A rabbit boy in a skimpy maid outfit
I wonder how they could have ended in such a situation? Must have a really hot story behind it all. Lost bet maybe, possibly even sinister blackmailing. All in all the result is nice to look at!
A leopard boy getting gangbanged
Heck, I know someone who wouldn't mind too bad if this would happen to them. Bodywriting is pretty hot as is wearing lingerie and getting filled on both ends~ Seems the guys don't mind sloppy seconds.
An intersex shark in a changing booth
Good luck trying to hide that sticky monster in those tiny shorts! How does she plan to clean up as well? Might need to scoop up (see what I did there?) the cum and swallow it all~
Fun fact: the original image is a freaking 54.5MB in size! My reduced full size version is about 3MB, which is still pretty big, but at least bit more manageable on slow connections. That is one reason I dislike most image-boards with their absurd file sizes.
A leopard girl riding a mounted dildo while a wolf girl controls the remote
Girls have the best toys! Needing a guy for sex is so out-dated thought. We can still be fun to be around though!
Nuzzo and Totesfleisch8
A rabbit girl presenting her ass to the viewer
All girls should celebrate on follower counts this way! That little cute tail is really cute.
A fox fucking a bunny boy on top of a poker table
Okay, this is one of my big fantasies! Losing a competition or a bet and having to be a bottom bitch as a result~ Poor boy even had a straight flush, but that not being enough. I'd like to imagine the raise to sexual stuff was his own idea that came to bite him in the ass.
A fox girl talking naughty at the gym
I do not have a lactating kink, but hot damn I wouldn't hesitate one tiny bit to take her up on her offer~ Seeing hot girls at the gym is a bit awkward for me, because get the urge to stare, but clearly that's a bad thing to do. I might have gotten off at the showers couple times thinking about the cuties I saw, given I'm all alone of course!
Couple kitties going at it
Some lesbian stuff for a change. Judging by how wet the pussies are, this surely has lasted quite a bit. Since girls are cute, is lesbian art double-cute? Dunno, but this indeed is cute.
A blonde wolf hovering over a big dildo
No way that thing would fit inside her! I mean... Sure I can't watch, 'cause not gonna believe it otherwise? Cue puppydog eyes.
Reptilian Orbit
A deer girl gaming in an interesting position
There are two types of gamers. Those who sit upright and focused, and... these. She's in a perfect position to practise a little blocking of vision. I wonder if she could still play looking through between my legs? I'd like to test that~
A wolf girl threatening while presenting her butt
50-50 chance to die, I suppose? I really like punky collars on girls, looks freaking hot. Also that parted style of hair looks great.
A wolf girl doing a naughty public recording
This is what I imagine 90% of the "content creators" are like. Doing anything for some attention. Though at least she is doing quality content, so shouldn't whine too much~
A feminine skunk boy leashed
Part three of cute tails; skunks! The fluffiness beats even foxes, so what's not to love? Squirrels tend to be drawn similarly with a big bushy tail, but skunks have a tiny edge on fluff-volume. Also this picture had a bowl full of cum, which might have influenced my decision between those two species :3
A vixen on all fours
Speaking of cute tails, can't forget foxes! Looking nice and fluffy. Strangely enough I did prefer this clothed pic to the nude version, just fits the art-style better. Girls who poke their tongues out playfully are the best~
A deer girl bending over in a lake
Oh my what a view! Deers have the cutest tails for bottoms and in general I just love wet skin on girls, or wet fur in this case. If for some weird reason I wouldn't find a cute girl attractive, bending over in a bathtub would make me jump in instantly~
Couple canine boys spitroasting a hyena guy
Outdoors fun~ Seems someone came prepared judging by the leash. I might have fantasied of similar situations few times during school-trips and even during army training. Of course those things were left as fantasies and didn't act upon them.
An intersex canine licking another canine girl's strap-on
Pretty hot! Poor girl all locked up and blushing. I wonder if I'd offer to replace her, would she be glad or tell me to piss off? Something tells me it would be the latter!
The scene is hot enough to excuse the sketch-style art.
A wolf girl wearing only a thong, tape and sneakers
I'd like to see her run like that! Should give a nice show, might even try to chase after her for a few laps. Of course not the creepy kind of chasing, but drooling kind of cha--- wait, that's the same thing, right? Never mind then.
Miles DF
A fox girl sitting by a window
Sitting naked by a window during bright daylight? I guess she lives on the country side, or just likes the thrill of accidental exposure.
A cat girl hugging her fluffy tail
Fluffy tails are the best! She's pretty cute, wouldn't mind taking her home.
A feminine equine boy filling a glass with cum
I just wish places like these would exist. Wouldn't mind paying a visit, possibly even score a job~ At least would have more fun than in my stupid current job. Can't wait to retire! Going to try my luck scoring a different line of work next year, have to milk this salary till then.
There's something special about femboy horses. Oh wait, don't tell me, I'll figure it out! It's... uhhmm... the reason for that is... oh, shoot! I lost it. Probably wasn't something big anyhow.
A jackal girl laying and looking outside through a window, naked
So, the reason for my hiatus was trying to move my desktop from Windows 10 to GNU/Linux. The transition was unsuccessful due to having to wrestle with Nvidia's proprietary drivers. Otherwise I would have settled on Void linux, due to it being barebones enough for me. Time wasted, next time I'll upgrade my GPU I'll make sure to go with AMD (or Intel if their GPUs are good). Anyway, I'm back here and will be posting more regularly again! To celebrate that, have a nice cute jackal girl. Furpatterns are always fun.
A fox girl sitting on a beach bar, naked
Some more beach stuff! Summer has already ended in Finland. My "summer" vacation has been shit. Oh well, soon it is over and go back to working! "Yay", he said sarcastically.
A crab stole bat girl's bikini bottoms
Been feeling sick couple of days, but starting to feel better. Have some art! Wish all crabs would be this smart. Going to beaches would be wayyyy better experience!
A canine boy losing to a cat girl in strip poker, part 1 A canine boy losing to a cat girl in strip poker, part 2
Heck, I'd lose on purpose if this was the treatment I'd get~ And would have a hard time concentrating while imagining or seeing her lack of clothing.
A fox girl sucking her thumb while covered in cum
Wonder if all that cum came from a single male or not? Pretty healthy amount to lick clean.
A zebra-fox-lynx gay-sandwich
Looks like fun! I'd want to be the meat on that sandwich~ Or getting pounded and having to just take it, cause that sounds pretty hot too. Especially if after lots of teasing or losing a competition/bet/whatever.
A cat girl coercing a wolf guy to chase her on a beach
I know one sucker who would fall for this: me! Would be too hard to say no to!
Ariannafray pr
Couple girly boys getting fucked while kissing each other
So hot! I'm not into stomach bulges, but size-difference between males is always so sexy~ Damn right I'd be blushing too if I'd be in this situation.
A dog girl spanking a cat girl
If she's too afraid to spank, I wouldn't mind giving it a go~ For extra effectiveness, I'd go and fetch my wooden hairbrush. It has a flat back which would do just fine.
Jay Naylor
A dog girl and fox boy kissing
Awww, so cute! Have some wholesome stuff for a change. Like her lingerie, pretty girly.
An antelope boy giving a cream pie to a wolf girl
Pretty hot~ Wouldn't mind filling someone as cute as her. Maybe someday~
A zebra teacher fucking a cervid male student against a desk for better grades
If only it would be this easy to get good grades! I'd enroll to a college immediately. Though actually not sure how "easy" taking a big zebra-dick would be...
Sigma X
IT support lion troubleshooting a WiFi problem while fucking a dog girl from behind
I've been researching linux distros the whole day. I really want to move away from Windows 10, but I also want to make sure all my games work and won't have to dual boot at all. Used to run FreeBSD few years ago, sadly that isn't a gaming OS. Probably go for Arch, btw.
Wouldn't mind dishing out IT support at my work if it came with perks like these~ But no, have to instead walk over how to copy-paste things to USB-sticks...
Couple girls fooling around on office table, naked
People wouldn't mind working in an office if this would be a regular show. Heck, I'd probably ask for any overtime just in case might get to witness this!
Smileeeeeee and Yulliandress
A cat girl laying on her stomach, naked
Nice ass! Wouldn't mind poking in there with my nose. Love the little "birthmark" too. Blonde kitties are the best.
A deer girl bound to a chair and experimented on
Poor girl all bound and experimented on! Totally in need of someone to burst in and undo those straps. What do you mean you want me to strap you back in and go away?
A cat girl lifting her bikini top off
Naughty girl! Those are some massive boobs. I have my doubts if that little top was hiding anything even before getting lifted off! Also again string bikinis just scream for someone to pull on them.
A fox girl taking nude mirror selfie
Some different art-style for a change. I quite like it, especially the hands and the background.
An antelope boy in chastity cage getting pegged by a rabbit girl
Some pegging again~ Having a chastity cage on while getting pegged and stopping only once blew my load would be so hot! Though that might not even be possible, unless really pent up I guess. Love the carrot gag as well!
A cute girly shark boy giving a blowjob
Getting called a girl is certainly one of my fantasies~ I wouldn't be brave enough to get a blowjob from a shark though!
A naked vixen bending over in sauna
My new flat doesn't have a sauna, which is something I miss. Nothing beats a nice summer day with a wood-burning sauna near a lake and skinny-dipping~ Especially skinny-dipping! For some reason water feels really good without trunks.
Deymos and Iskra
Couple girls fooling around on laboratory floor
Seems quite un-professional behavior. Wouldn't mind joining at all though~ Schoolgirl-esque outfits are sexy.
Deymos and Iskra
A fox girl sitting on top of a computer desk, legs spread to show no panties
Someone's being quite naughty! I'd be happy to return from my vacation if got some cutie like her waiting for me. Too bad the few hot girls aren't interested nor available, as far as I know.
Deymos, Iskra and Wolfy-Nail
A fox girl posing in front of a mirror
Some more realistic art for a change. I like how the stockings push the fur up and the hair is also done beautifully. I tend to prefer more cartoony stuff, but can't deny this is one well-done piece!
Couple big wolf guys fuck an entire tribe of smaller wolves in an orgy
Size difference is so hot when it is between males~ Nothing against the girls, but seeing a bigger and manlier guy manhandle feminine smaller guys makes me wish to be involved! Obviously as the smaller dude :P Also getting boned in front of a girl sounds really hot!
A couple having sex while the girl is playing Nintendo Switch and her friend is watching
Gamer girls are great. I've never actually played Nintendo Switch, not really into handheld gaming consoles. Original Pokemon on GameBoy was rad though. N64 is still the best Nintendo console to ever come out, fight me!
A leopard girl getting caught masturbating in front of a computer
Getting caught masturbating is the worst! Especially if getting caught masturbating to whoever caught you masturbating. One more reason to set-up a boss-key program to hide/close everything quickly.
A cat girl gets her bikini bottoms yanked off by a female canine
Now these types of pranks I approve! Seeing girls wearing those string-bikinis always makes me think about pulling and undoing the knots. Of course won't actually do it, cause I like to think of myself as a non-moron. Though I also miss the chance of the girl enjoying the thrill... but that seems quite unlikely to happen.
Jay Naylor
A couple playing beachball and the male is lifting his female partner from the pussy straight to an incoming ball!
Ouchie! They still scored, but I bet she was really pissed off afterwards. Nice show for the on-lookers and opposition players though~
Samur Shalem
A wolf girl sitting on a chair using her smartphone
Nice pose! I really like when girls sit cutely sideways. Especially if it gives a view to what lies between their thighs~
A cute deer girl in a cute summer dress
Some wholesome art for a change. I absolutely adore girls who wear dresses and especially summer dresses. If I would have born as a girl, I wouldn't wear boring clothes at all. It would be skirts and dresses for me everyday.
A cheetah girl getting her big boobies fondled from behind on the beach
Fun at the beach! At least fun for the guy~ Though not gonna lie, those pillows looked mighty squeezable :3 The characters are twins too, which makes this even hotter. Why didn't I get a super-hot vixen sister who would be presumably okay with this?
A vixen dressed up as a bunnygirl and about to open her zipper A bunny girl drunk and wearing a bunny outfit about to show photos of her ass
Costumes are so great! Who doesn't love the classic bunny outfit? Formfitting and showing plenty of legs, not to mention that cute little squishable tail!
A draenei healer being made to wear offensive healing gear, world of warcraft
Some more video-game stuff~ I briefly tried WoW like half a year ago. Did find it pretty outdated and clumsy to be honest. I liked the roleplaying mod it had, which is the thing I miss the most in Final Fantasy XIV. There's no way to write a good profile for a character! But back to the art, and especially those items~ Again, wouldn't mind at all if mechanics like these would be present in real games. It is 2021, let's get naughty AAA games!
A group of adventurers being defeated and raped
This is how getting defeated/overpowered in video-games should work! Dying and respawning is so boring and leads to save-scumming or playing on easier difficulty. A never-ending story which dynamically evolves depending if can finish the mission and how will handle defeat sounds like a great idea. Maybe in ten years if AI-written stories get any better. Meanwhile can at least fantasize about it, or play naughty games~
A fox girl getting spitroasted on a beach wearing see-through swimsuit
Okay, these types of swimsuits totally aren't fit for public beaches! If any of you are planning to wear one, be sure to give a call beforehand so I can make sure no one comes to that beach. Subtle product placement too. This blog isn't sponsored, I swear! Refreshingly different art-style to the artists I usually follow.
A girly schoolgirl canine boy getting pegged by a canine woman
Some more pegging, cause it is so freaking hot! Also girly school"girls" are freaking hot too~
A zebra and cheetah comparing dick-sizes, zebra clear winner
As a grower I've had many fantasies focused on losing measuring contests~ It just sounds so hot! Being more girly and being "forced" to act like a girl as a result. Anyway, the art is real nice too.
Doxy and Powfoo
A cat girl masturbating on a street-corner
Like so many others, I started playing Final Fantasy XIV recently as well. It is pretty fun, even if not into anime at all. Wish it would be a bit more western and serious at times though. However it makes it all up by having hot-as-fuck catgirls and bunnygirls in it! Not furries mind you like this picture, but just have ears and tail
A feline girl getting rammed by a much bigger hyena against a tree
Some size-play for a change. Poor girl getting split open by that monster of a cock. Wonder how they ended up in this situation...
A cat girl grooming herself on bed
Personal grooming is important. And in her case hot too! I wouldn't mind pitching in and help her with those hard to reach spots~
A coyote girl spreading her legs on top of ice-cream
This is some Grade A food-porn right here. I don't eat any sugary treats anymore, but seeing stuff like this really makes me think of relapsing. Thankfully my freezer isn't on, so can't buy ice-cream. Also turned my fridge off completely, because kept just cheese and yoghurt there. No point having it on for only those and it was pretty loud too. Eggs, ciabatta bread and popcorn make out most of my diet.
A fennec boy being forced to drink a bowl of cum
Dubious-consent and roleplaying stuff is the best~ Again one thing I wish would have happened to me at school; forced initiation/hazing! Cause obviously that would be just fun and not scarring for life, nuh-uh~
Cum-stained strawberries on a naked tiger-girl
I got a serious craving for strawberries and cream. Can taste them in my mouth~ Though strawberries and cum strangely sound even more hot! Cumming on food is a kink I very much enjoy, but sadly don't have anyone to practise it with.
A fox girl sleeping on a couch
First day of summer vacation, I slept straight. I think my secret super-power is sleeping. So here, have a cute sleeping foxy girl.
A slim cheetah girl taking a butt-selfie
So nostalgic to see an actual camera being used instead of a smartphone. She looks mighty fine too. An athletic girl to go with the on-going Olympics.
Rotarr and Wolfy-Nail
A cute female kitty sitting next to a mountain of desserts
Now this is a sweet picture~ See what I did there? Very cute kitty. To eat her or the treats? Now that's the question...
An arctic fox cheerleader boy bending over
Feminine boys passing as girls is so hot~ Wish I could have just dolled up and enrolled to the cheerleading squad. Getting busted by the cheerleading captain would be so great! At least if she has a sense of humor and wants to have fun blackmailing me~
A mouse girl getting vibrated by a gamepad in public store
These sort of gamestores were fun as heck as a kid. Long mall trips weren't that bad, when could hog the machine like a selfish brat. Good thing gamepads tend to be more or less waterproof, or she'd be in real trouble!
A female police officer showing her wet pussy on a pull-over
Wow! I wouldn't mind getting this type of an pull-over! Wonder how many passing cars had an accident looking at this scene?
F-r95 and Iskra
Bunny girl laying on a beach
Today started my summer vacation, yay! One full month of not having to go and pretend to like my coworkers or my work. Have a nice vacation picture. This is as close to tropical setting I can get. Probably I'll just hang at home the whole month lol
Bunny girl holding a pistol in a sort of sci-fi disco
James Bond got nothing on her. A blast from the past, if 2011 can be counted as the past. Everyone knows year 2000 was ten years ago, pffft!
Couple naked girls enjoying drinks on a beach-bar
I really want to experience tropical setting at least once. I've never been on a proper trip, only couple EU countries which obviously meant city-tourism. Sexy girls, palm trees and a clear ocean sounds like a fun combination.
A cat girl laying naked in front of a bowl and purring for milk
Oh gosh do I got milk for you~ Cum and bowls really mix well together. And so do sexy cat girls purring~
A canine girl sitting on the ground, nekkid!
For some reason this picture reminds me of playing the Myst games as a kid. Yes, I sucked at them! Still would, probably.
Vixen's own tail holding her dress up for an upskirt
Got to love tail-physics! Walking behind girls would be so much hotter with tails in real life too.
Lady cat showing her kitten
I promised to be just bi-curious right? Hopefully all the straight people didn't disappear after seeing just how curious! Here, have a real lady for a change!
Sexy cheerleader kitsune upskirt Bunny boy cheerleader about to get gangbanged
Cheerleaders! Who doesn't love them and wanna be like them? What you mean it isn't normal for boys to wanna be dressed up like cheerleaders? Nonsense!
Frenky HW
Femboy fun at school 1 Femboy fun at school 2 Femboy fun at school 3 Femboy fun at school 4 Femboy fun at school 5 Femboy fun at school 6 Femboy fun at school 7 Femboy fun at school 8 Femboy fun at school 9
I so wish stuff like this would have happened to me at school! Too bad I was too busy playing video-games and doing sports. Being the class-slut would have suited me way better. Also have to figure out a lightweight image-gallery on pure HTML+CSS for these posts.
Cute femboy bunny in a swimsuit
He might not be a girl, but I certainly wouldn't mind~ Seems someone is hiding a stiffy too!
Sexy freshly-fucked intersex deer
Nice looking big ballsack! Horns and tits on a deer? My my, that gives out some mixed signals. At least they are great to hold on to when riding the deer from the front or from the back!
Fox boy getting force-pegged by a tigress!
Getting forced to cum hands-free by a girl with a strap-on? And in front of a crush? Sign me up, please!
Cute blue fox boy with an upskirt
Oh my~ I wish I'd look this hot! And what a nice thrill it must be to accidentally get hard and wearing a way too short skirt!
Fox boy getting pegged by a wolf girl
What a nice picture of a lucky fox, wow! I wouldn't mind letting some cute girl ravage me and make me spurt all over the bedsheets~